im in college. i like bright colors, alcohol, magic, dancing, william levy & jimmy johns. que te importa?

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New mini tube I picked up from @chalicefestival today. @thenameslamar @dwreckglass Colab thanks for the sick hook up Lamar. by cardiffreef760
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stay up with me


afraid to say
"i’d like it very much if….
you’d stay and …..
lose sleep with me tonight”
not my misery needing company….
it is
just me ….
i might,
not feel lonely on most days…..
but tonight reminds me of Summer.
reminds me that i have
and am not
a kid now,
and that i am…

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The Zone..
They honestly need to put their problems aside and carry on making fine ass music together.

King Of The Fall
"Love is the absence of judgment."
Dalai Lama XIV (via purplebuddhaproject)

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Teach your daughter to never fall in love with the haunted